Dr. J. David Symons awarded funding by the NIH/NHLBI

John David Symons R01HL141540 07/01/2018-05/31/2022 (4 years)   NIH/NHLBI Title: Autophagy maintains vascular function through a novel glycolysis-linked pathway regulating eNOS Aging is inevitable and is the primary risk factor for developing cardiovascular disease. The molecular mechanisms that drive vascular dysfunction in the context of aging are incompletely understood. Our overall hypothesis is that the…

News release on Dr. Weyrich

News Release on “U of U Scientist winning NIH Grant” August 15, 2012 – U of U Scientists Win $16 Million NIH Grant to Research, Treat Blood Clots in People With Diabetes and Other Metabolic Disorders . click here to go to the article.